Last updated February 02, 2024

How should garments be washed?

Every item of clothing includes a label detailing the particular instructions for care. The recommended temperature on the label should not be exceeded, although It is fine to wash your items at a lower temperature than the one stated. Please note that wool and rigid denim items require special care.

Rigid / rinsed denim:

  • Wash inside-out
  • Separately from other garments
  • Leave for approximately 30 minutes in a bath of cold water with a mild liquid detergent
  • Stir gently before finishing the wash in order to remove deposits
  • Leave to dry on a clothesline

Please also note that rigid pants bleed out heavily if they are mishandled. This is because we use a natural dye called “Indigo”. You should also keep these pants away from lightly colored objects / furniture / garments. You can leave the pants in normal household vinegar for a few hours to help maintain the color.


We recommend washing knitted garments made of wool by hand, since they are also too sensitive for washing machines which have a gentle hand-wash function.