Last updated February 02, 2024

Do Carhartt WIP garments have to be washed before being worn for the first time?

As many of our items are dyed, we recommend that you wash our pieces before wearing them for the first time. Please check the individual washing instructions for each item. This does not apply to our rigid or rinsed denim pieces. Please note that rigid denim items require special care.

This does not apply to rigid / rinsed denim pants.

Please note that untreated and unwashed pants require special care. Denim should be washed as little as possible in order to avoid shrinking and fading. If you purchase these kinds of pants, you should not wash them during the first 9-12 months. If, however, you might need to wash the pants, you will find a few important tips on how to do so under the section, “How should garments be washed”.